About us

Jobs, Friends & Houses empowers and employs people in recovery from addiction, mental health problems, offending, homelessness, long-term unemployment or family breakdown to positively contribute to communities and the public purse.

Team members are trained in meaningful and sustainable jobs, join an inspirational friendship group and support network, and access high-quality, stable accommodation.

The JFH model is a simple solution to a complex problem that takes a wealth of expertise and commitment to implement and sustain. We want people to see the power and potential of recovery and challenge the stigma attached to addiction.

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An ex-offender’s chances of re-offending are more than halved if they enter meaningful employment

JFH offers on-the-job training supplemented by adult apprenticeships as team members train to be qualified tradesmen, administration assistants or health and social care professionals – ensuring they enter meaningful and sustainable careers.


Embedding in positive social networks and having recovery role models will help to sustain recovery

JFH is at the centre of an inspirational recovery community in Blackpool. Our team members forge new friendships with positive peers, join staff-led sports teams, attend our own dry club nights, enjoy camping trips or attend group activities.


Access to stable accommodation is known to reduce the risk of re-offending by 20%

JFH renovates and refurbishes properties to a high-quality standard, to rent out to people in the recovery community. All our team members are offered housing support.


Recovery is intrinsically related to wellbeing

JFH support isn’t just 9-5. Our team members are given all the tools to improve their health and wellbeing. From financial guidance or relationship advice, medical referrals to counselling, our experienced staff offer a holistic approach, tailoring support to suit individual’s needs.